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A Note from me

BarkaBarka is the dream and creation of three women; Angel, Debbie, and I—who came together out of love, friendship, and the desire to make a difference in the lives of our clients and to make a better life for our own families.

We are an online business management company and we design websites, write copy and content for marketing and social media purposes, provide graphic design, and pretty much do whatever our clients need us to do to help their small businesses grow and flourish.

We are all of us mothers and in many cases, we are the primary breadwinner for our families. We have a commitment to paying each of our employees a generous wage, as close as we can get to what we bill their time out at to our clients.

We are dedicated to an extremely high standard of service to our clients; we are passionate about their businesses and treat each one as if it were our own which are almost always small, often women owned themselves, and often just starting up.

My fellow Barka-nites and I have poured our blood, sweat, and lots and lots of tears into getting our business up and running, and we are hoping more than anything to be able to grow and employ more women and mothers.

Melissa Forte

About the Team

Melissa Forte

CEO / Website & Graphic Designer / Online Business Manager / Infusionsoft Certification

An alumna of Texas A & M, Melissa brings a wide range of work experience functioning in a number of capacities—from critical technical support analyst to team lead and trainer; search engine evaluator to software tester.

Melissa‘s vast skill set includes technical troubleshooting and problem-solving, analyzing code, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, WordPress, graphic design, and creating remarkable sales pages—coming up with new and original ways to make her clients’ businesses stand out.

Included in her impressive list of skills, Melissa obtained a certified Infusionsoft Partner certification which also allows her to expand her expertise in lead generation and email marketing.

Melissa‘s reputation is her integrity, so short-cuts and slapdash placeholder solutions aren‘t on the table. She believes that all strategies are transitional: each one leads to a brand-new set of circumstances that needs equal attention and consideration to make sure the right approach is implemented. To ensure she always finds a solution that works best for her clients, Melissa works hard to understand exactly what‘s needed and why; locating any potential pain points and finding solutions long before they have the chance to bog down the process.

Melissa personifies her favorite quote from Tim O‘Reilly: “Create more value than you capture”.

Angel Bowser

CFO / Designer / Infusionsoft Specialist / Online Business Manager

Angel is a graphic designer and website genius from a tiny town deep in the heart of Alabama.

She earned an Associate’s Degree in Pre-Pharmacy from Wallace Community College and a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with a Chemistry Minor from Troy University.

She harbors a deep and abiding passion for fitness and solid nutrition, and is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Coach. Beneath her polished professional exterior hides a clean freak, and a planner and organization super nerd, and she travels several times a year to attend planner conferences (yes this is a thing).

Angel loves all things glittery, her son, her two Rottweilers, and her husband; not necessarily in that exact order.

Debbie Rengert

COO / Customer Service / Online Business Manager

As BarkaBarka’s customer care specialist, Debbie is most definitely a “people person.” To say that she is friendly is a gigantic understandment. Debbie can form an instant connection through even the briefest of interactions, and she can soothe and calm even the stickiest of sticky customer service situations.

Debbie hails from a small town in Wisconsin and has the “Midwestern roll-up your sleeves and get it done” attitude to prove it (along with the accent!). Along with her impressive customer service skills,

Debbie also packs heavy hitter technological skills in a host of software platforms and across a wide array of areas. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Business and Business Management, runs a family farm co-op with her sisters that keeps dozens of families in fresh, organic vegetables each harvest season, and plays volleyball in her scant spare time.

Debbie loves spending time with her two tween and teenage kiddos.

Ariane Cooley

Director of Marketing and Head Copywriter

Ariane writes stellar SEO, publish-ready content for a host of clients from all different backgrounds and with various and sundry needs.

Clients choose her because she never misses a deadline, can flawlessly write in any tone desired, and competently compose prose on virtually any topic.

She is an English major with the soul of a scientist and worked for 8 years as an environmental chemist before embarking upon her career as a freelance writer and virtual assistant with BarkaBarka.

On a rare day off you can find Ariane snuggled up with her four great passions; a good book, her husband, and her two young daughters.

Jessie Halvorsen

Editor / Content Writer / Virtual Assistant

Jessie’s positive attitude, tenacity, and ready answer of “yes I can” has enabled her to assist her clients in their quests to build their business empires. She specializes in copywriting, editing, and social media and all around being an amazing virtual assistant. She has yet to meet a task or challenge too hard or too intimidating.

Jessie’s background includes a degree in Music Education, experience as a nanny in California, a preschool teacher, and an administrative assistant in an ob/gyn office just to name a few of the varied hats that she has worn. She loves to travel and has a huge bucket list of countries that she would like to visit with her family.

Jessie’s family is her entire world and she embraces every opportunity to spend quality time with her three children, her two cats, two dogs, and her husband.

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